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Theme Park Music is proud to announce the all new Theme Park Music Blog. On this weblog we will post updates of our channels, trip reports, opinions and thoughts about theme park related subjects and much more. You can also find useful information about the recurring events on this website.

Why the TPM Blog?

Back in the summer of 2017, when I started the YouTube channel, I was simply sharing music and nothing else. At the start of 2018 the team was expanded with two new amazing people and the community kinda started taking off. It was Cringefest and the music live streams which really made this channel grow like crazy. To be able to share more with you guys, without “littering” the channel with non-music related content.

Contents of the blog

This website is currently equipped with several pages which contain all information you might need. Let’s take a look at these pages:

  • About: this is pretty self-explanatory I think. Just a little background on what Theme Park Music is and what we do.
  • Blog: this too is pretty self-explanatory. Here you can find all our blog-posts. No filters, no removals, simply everything.
  • Specials: now for the good stuff. Theme Park Music organizes several events such as Cringefest and the music live streams. This page shows all information about these events.
  • Disclaimer: just some legal stuff.
  • Contact: if you want to, you can send us an e-mail with the use of this contact form. You can use this if you’ve got any questions, requests or other messages for us.

What to expect from now?

We are currently working on blog posts for this website. You can expect to see the first posts appear at the end of this month. Be sure to keep an eye out for those!

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