Ride Sims is back! – Ride Sims 2.0 Review

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The original Ride Sims had it’s last day of operation on September 2nd, 2018. After over a year of silence on their social accounts, we suddenly got a small hint of the return of this website with a small teaser of a WDW Monorail simulation. As of January 5th, Ride Sims is back in operation with new and old simulators!

Only a few weeks ago, Ride Sims 2.0 launched with a total of eight unofficial ride simulations. Five of these sims are updated versions of already existing simulations, but the other three are brand new additions to the site! What’s also new, is the possibility to unlock achievements when you reach certain goals whilst playing the sims. In this review I will briefly discuss my opinion about every single simulation available on the Ride Sims 2.0 website.

BARON 1898

Let’s start with the easy simulations. The Baron 1898 sim is a cool and new addition to the Ride Sims website. The controls are really friendly to use, with only a few keys to keep in mind whilst playing the sim. The sim is really detailed and matches the ride pretty well. There’s also some cool background music, with the several themes of the ride and a background track of birds and other sounds. The preshows are easy to operate, with the use of only the return-key. To top things off, the simulation has five achievements to unlock.


The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster sim is one of the original simulations of Ride Sims. It is based on the Disneyland Paris version of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and features most of the original functions. The simulation is easy to operate, with only a few keys needed to keep the ride going. Some of the controls have been slightly changed to match the other sims and a total of five achievements have been added to unlock. Ambience sound effect play for the duration of your gaming session. The simulation is fun to play, but to me it lacks variation. This is especially true if the automatic launch option is turned on.


The Helix sim is the first moderately difficult simulation on this list. The controls are pretty similar to the previously discussed sims, but the way in which breakdowns have to be solved make this sim a bit more interesting. Especially the launch reset button took me of guard when I played this sim for the first time back on the original website. The music and sound effects also make the sim really enjoyable, with the Helix theme music playing on the background. This definitely was one of my favorite simulations back in the days, and it still is now!


Next on our list we have one of my favorites on the old website: the Space Mountain Mission 2 sim. With five trains and two stations on the peak of it’s operation capacity it is a simulation in which you’ve got no time to rest. Unload, load, dispatch, switch station and repeat. The occasional break down can get you out of your rhythm and if you don’t respond quick enough, the capacity will decrease quickly. The on-board audio plays once a train is dispatched and moments of silence get filled with mechanical sounds and voices of dispatchers. The controls haven’t changed with this new version and are really easy to master. To top this section of, the sim has a total of five unlockable achievements.


The Taron simulation is one of the new additions to the website. In the time I’ve played this simulation, I’ve not yet experienced a single break down (I’d call that bad luck). Therefore, the sim got quite repetitive and was not interesting for that long. The manual launch option keeps you busy, definitely, but it’s not enough to keep me interested for long enough. Hopefully my opinion on this sim will change once I’ve experience some break downs, but currently it is one of my least favorite. The music on the other hand is the amazing and well known Klugheim soundtrack, which never gets irritating. To top things off, a total of five achievements can be unlocked whilst playing this simulation.


It’s time for the real deal. No more children’s games, as this is the first real difficult simulation on the list. The Ripsaw sim to me is a hybrid-sim of every top spin in existence. I find myself copying the Talocan ride program on one day, followed by the Excalibur ride program on the next. I think the manual ride cycle option is the most valuable option in this simulation, and every other button is just a cool side feature. Whilst playing, you can hear some epic theme music and sound effects of nearby attractions. In addition to this, there is a total of six achievements to unlock.


The Splash Mountain simulation looks pretty easy at first. Joyful music is playing and loading guests goes pretty well. But then, a breakdown or evacuation occurs and you might get stuck in such a state that there seems to be no other option than to restart the simulation. This simulation can be really frustrating for beginners who don’t know how to solve these issues. To the experienced player? Probably just as much. And still, somehow this simulation became on of my favorites!


The final simulation on this list is my current favorite: the WDW Monorail sim. Every playthrough of this simulation is different and when running on full capacity, there is no time to stop for a moment. This simulation is hectic, time consuming and hard to control, but it keeps me busy for hours. The background music is phenomenal and every monorail station has it’s own music. The simulation has a whopping total of twelve achievements to unlock, which makes it even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Even though there are currently only eight simulations to enjoy, the return of Ride Sims is something I really enjoyed hearing about. Playing the old and new simulations can still keep me busy for several hours. If you’ve got some spare time, their website is definitely worth checking out.

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