Since 2018, Theme Park Music annually organizes Cringefest, in which we hunt down the cringiest songs in theme park history. Starting on April 1st of any year, we upload pure cringyness for seven days straight. Down below you will find more background behind the event.


You don’t. Seriously, you do not need Cringefest. However, if you want to give an opinion about any soundtrack, you should know the absolute values of good and bad tracks, right? Well, let’s say that Cringefest is a way to find the absolute worst soundtracks you will ever hear.


But let’s face it, there is no way to determine a unquestionable list of the absolute worst soundtracks, right? Wrong! That’s exactly what Cringefest is. As of the 2019 edition of Cringefest, we started to ask our viewers and readers (a.k.a. you) to vote for the cringiest songs. Instead of using a point based system, we took a similar approach to the well known coaster polls run by Mitch Hawker.

We compared the placing of two songs within the same list. If, for example, song A ranked higher than song B in a list, song A will receive a win and song B will get a loss. If the got ranked the same in one list, a tie will be recorded. This will be repeated for all songs in all lists. Once this process is complete, a “win percentage” can be calculated for every song, with which the rankings are determined.

Each year, the jury will make a shortlist which includes the ten cringiest songs. Starting on the last Sunday of January, our viewers and readers (yes, you again) can send us their rankings via a special form on that year’s cringefest voting page.


The process of filling out the voting form is actually really easy, but might need some explanation. For example purposes, let’s say there are only four songs to choose from. You start at the top with the song you think is the cringiest and end at the bottom with the song you think is the least cringy. Every song should be placed on a new line. If you think two songs are at the exact same cringyness level, you can place them on the same line if you add ‘&&&’ in between the two songs. This way it is clear that you choose to give two songs the same ranking. Once you completed your list, the voting form might look something like this:

Our average voter has ranked all four songs of this example in order of cringyness. As you can see, he or she choose to give two songs the same ranking. The rankings are clearly numbered and he or she added ‘&&&’ between the two songs with the same ranking.

As for the format of title and park name, there is no definitive rule. Just make sure that it is clear what you mean. Shortening titles or leaving out park names is allowed, but only if it does not make the list unclear. If we are unable to identify any of the songs in your list, you will receive a message that your voting form has been denied.


Voting runs from the last Sunday of January to the first Sunday of March each year. Head on over to the top of the page, to find out where you can fill out the voting form.