In April of 2018, Theme Park Music organized the first music live stream. The concept of playing requested soundtracks became an immediate success. Since then, Theme Park Music has organized numerous live streams. You can listen to the previous live streams at the bottom of this page.


Because the live streams are such a success, there is often a large number of viewers active in the live chat. To make sure everybody is able to enjoy the live streams, there are a couple of rules to take into account. Please read the rules before attending any live streams.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to post links, disrespectful messages and NSFW content in the live chat. Discussions will be moderated and access to the live chat function might be disabled if you happen to post messages like this.
  2. Requests can only be made if this is clearly stated on screen. You can check the request-status on the bottom right corner of the live stream screen. Please do not send requests in the live chat at moments when this is not allowed.
  3. Please only make one request at a time. You are not alone in the live stream, other people want to make requests too. Therefore, be kind and wait until your current request has been played before requesting a next soundtrack.
  4. When making a request, be clear on what you’re requesting. Preferably, you should at least include the park name and ride name when making a request. Tag Theme Park Music in your request to make sure it will be seen by one of our moderators. You can check the queue list to make sure your request has been seen.
  5. Please don’t make the same request too often. The live streams will get repetitive if the same soundtracks get requested too often. If a soundtrack has been requested too often, a request might be declined.

If you break any of these rules, access to the live chat function might be disabled.