Please read the rules below before participating in the live chat. Access to the live chat might temporarily or permanently be disabled if you break these rules.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to post links, disrespectful messages and NSFW content in the live chat. It is also forbidden to spam in the live chat.
  2. Please only request soundtracks by using the request-form.
  3. Requests can only be made if this is clearly stated on screen. You can check the request-status on the bottom right corner of the live stream screen and in the live chat. The request-form will also be disabled when requests can’t be made.
  4. Please only make one request at a time. You are not alone in the livestream, other people want to make requests to. The request-form will be disabled if you’ve already requested a soundtrack, and will be enabled when that soundtrack has been played.
  5. Specific rules regarding requests:
    • Only one soundtrack at a time.
    • Any soundtracks longer than 10 minutes will be refused.
    • A soundtrack will only be played once per livestream.